Delighting in the Bride

Psalm 149:4
"Yahweh takes pleasure in His people."

God delights in His people, the bride He has chosen for His Son. When Jacob served 7 years for Rachel they seemed like nothing to him because of the love he had for her. We go to great lengths to be with the one we love. This is our next question in this Lenten series: Do you delight in the bride of Christ? We certainly delight to be with Jesus Himself as we pray and read His word. But do you realize you are with Jesus here? Where 2 or 3 are gathered, Jesus is there. Jesus delights in His people. If His spirit is in you, then you will share that delight.

This delight is not something we can force or shame or fight into ourselves. It must grow in the heart like flowers grow, not be dragged out of us. We are not always a delightful bunch, but the Lord loved us and gave Himself for us. Will we be like Christ in this way? Do you delight in God’s people?

Let us confess our desire to have Jesus without His bride.


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