Wits or the Wise

We have a hard time trusting God.  We find other defenses and glories to trust and boast in.  The Psalmist here points out the difference in the quality of men.  Some are of higher degree and others lower.  We know we are all equal in the eyes of God, but quality differs.  

This tempts us to put our trust in one or the other.  We tend to trust the elites, whether that is the Supreme Court or Rand Paul, or Mike Farris.  Or, we tend to trust the common man and away with all elites and their pretension.

God shoos us away from both.  When we acquire a little wealth, vs 10 says, we tend to think that’s the answer to most problems.  But Only God has power to save us, vs 11.  That doesn’t mean we slack off.  Vs 12 - He rewards us according to our work.  But he saves us by His mercy.

Let us confess our sins of trusting our wits, or trusting the wise.
Let us confess our impatience with God’s sovereign plan among the nations when we have our own hearts and homes to tend.


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