Independence Day - Opening Prayer

Heavenly Father,  We have answered Your call to proclaim liberty throughout the land.  In Your Law you told Israel every 50 years to blow the trumpet and proclaim liberty.  Debts forgiven, slaves freed, the land at rest and restored to its owner.  Your Son came and proclaimed this acceptable year of Yours, and we rejoice in it.  You have set us free indeed in the work of Jesus, His teaching and healing, suffering and dying, His resurrection and rising to Your throne, His interceding and sending us the Spirit, His future return.  Lord, in this we are free!

Stand up, O God, be present now.  Let us sing and dance and shout for joy, for You set the prisoner free and bring him home.  You cast down the tyrant, that ancient serpent the devil.  And You will overthrow every one of his minions who oppress here on earth.  Lord, You have saved us from the pit, and we come here with music, young and old, asking you to cast down the proud oppressor, and bring to all the nations the liberty that comes only from Your Son our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Gracious Father, we draw near to You in Him by the power of the Holy Spirit, who lives and reigns with You, 1 God without beginning or end - Amen.


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