When You Commune

What is it we should be doing during communion?  The rest of the service is pretty self explanatory. You confess your sins to God when we kneel. You listen to God's Word during the sermon.  But how does eating bread and drinking a thimble of wine relate to God?

1 Corinthians 1 gives us a few clues. From vs 2, we are being called Christians.  Paul tells the Corinthians they are called saints.  We let God name us and claim us as His own.  We do this when we let Him feed us as His own children.

Second, also vs 2, we also call on the name of the Lord Jesus, believing He is God's appointed sacrifice to take away our sins.  This is the faith part of the equation that is crucial for the sacraments to work as they are supposed to, and feed us.

Third, from vs 3-4, we thank God for His grace to us in Christ. we are grateful He has put His name, His grace and peace upon us and within us.  We show that thanks by lifting the cup of salvation, eating the bread He gives us.

Fourth, from vs 7-8, we wait for the return of Christ, proclaiming His death until He comes.  Eating and drinking here is one big lean to the future, to the marriage supper of the lamb, when we will be confirmed blameless and received by God.

And finally vs 9, we are enjoying fellowship with Him now.  Jesus communicates Himself to us in this meal.  He relates to us here through His spirit.  So God is calling you His own holy child. You are calling on God to save you in Christ. You are thanking God for saving you already.  You are waiting for Him to complete His work in you. You are enjoying time with Him now.


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