What is Theology?

I've begun a study of John Frame's Systematic Theology with a small group of folks.
I'm going to summarize each chapter here, to spark interest in the book and in the group.
Here is chapter one.

Theology defines terms, though Scripture itself seldom defines the terms it uses, and Scripture often uses terms differently than theologians usually do.  Theological terms often require more than one definition to say everything about it.  So we have to be careful not to identify our theology too closely with Scripture.  But theology is a helpful teaching tool.

Theology studies Scripture, not just our own subjective religious eexperience (against Schleiermacher), and also not just for the objective information found there (against a clinical objectivism), but for the purpose of edification.  There is a subjective element to theology in that the goal is to help people.  All kinds of people are doing theology: youth minister, parent leading family devotions, Sunday school teacher telling Bible stories to children.

Theology has to be Bible centered, even when the academy in which most theologians are trained assumes the Bible is not the Word of God.  Theologians need to know Jesus and the needs of His people, besides knowing their academic field.  Sometimes theology can get in the way of the Bible, if we focus too much on what theologians of the past have said.

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