Frame: Chapter 2 - The Lord

Where other theologians' work could be summed up in one topic (Schleiermacher's feeling, Barth's crisis, Gutierrez' liberation, Luther's justification) John Frame wants to begin with God's Lordship.  It is central to Scripture, dominating the text in frequency and theme.

Many theologians resist this today, mainly because modern people want autonomy above all else.

Reformed theologians use covenant to summarize the theme of Scripture, and this is good.  But Lordship does better, as it focuses on the personal God who administers this relationship with His world.  Most other themes that describe our relationship with God presuppose God's Lordship (sonship, marriage, servanthood, etc.).

A Lord has control, authority and presence.

He is in control.  He governs and orchestrates all events and people in the world.

He has authority.  Not only CAN He rule, He has the right to.  Because He owns it, He is the evaluator of His world, and His judgments are right.  This is seen clearly in Genesis 1, Moses' confrontation with Pharaoh and Exodus 20:1-3.  THe NT shows that Jesus has all authority, even to forgive sins.  Though Abraham and Moses and Job argued with God, or asked God to change His intention, His authority cannot be questioned.  God's authority covers all of life - it has not been restricted since the OT law to the church or matters of salvation.

He is present.  Our Immanuel (God-with-us) is not an absentee landlord.  He is with us by His Spirit (1 Cor 6:19) to bless us according to His covenant promises, as He was with Joseph (Gen 39:3) and Moses (Ex 3:11-12).

Frame is known for a tri-perspective outlook.  Most theological themes can be seen by its norm, fact and perception.  Norm refers to rules, ethical "oughts."  Fact refers to the way things are and history.  Perception is our experience of things.  On Lordship, God authors the norms (authority), He controls the facts (control), and He gives us our faculties of perception to see them (presence).  Apply God's norms, learn His story, use your heart and brain to love and serve Him.

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