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An OPC presbytery indirectly rebukes the Family Integrated Church movement. 
Kevin Swanson submits to the OPC.

While some of the four lies contain partial truth, they are misleading when stated dogmatically.
The author has some good points to consider.

Roger Olson, an Arminian, gives a few brief answers.
He distinguishes semi-Pelagianism from Arminianism.  He says in semi-Pelagianism "sinners are capable of exercising a good will toward God unassisted by God’s grace."  God responds with grace (our good will doesn't earn His favor, but "gets us started".)
In Arminianism, God initiates with prevenient, resistible grace to all.  It is then up to us to believe in Christ.
Many Calvinists I know just lump these together as the same animal, but there IS a difference.

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