Opening Prayer - Bind Yourself to Christ

Heavenly Father, we bind ourselves to You today.  By Christ’s incarnation, baptism, death, His bursting from the tomb, and ascension, we can come to You and find rest.  We are here to praise You with all our might, to honor You, to lift Your name on high.  We trust You to hold and lead us.  You created the cherubim and they cry out that you are holy.  Your patriarchs and prophets and apostles give us examples to follow.  All creation points us to You.

Keep us from Satan’s wiles in this hour, from false words and self-deceived hearts. Protect your people from burning and bombs, bullies and bullets as we worship you on this day.  Comfort us with the presence of your Son our Lord Jesus Christ.  Yours is a strong name, Yahweh God, and we draw near to You in Him by the power of the Holy Spirit, who lives and reigns with You, one God without beginning or end - Amen.


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