Exodus 16-18

Chapter 16
Main idea
God gives Israel manna in the desert every day for 40 years.  Twice as much on Friday, so they don't have to gather it on Saturday.  Israel grumbles and disobeys through it all.

How this is about Jesus
Jesus is the bread come down from heaven from God.  If we eat of Him we live forever.  John 6:31-35.

Sins this reveals
Not trusting God for DAILY bread.
Contriving ways to store up, to prepare for the worst, so we are independent of God.
(This doesn't rule out prudent saving, but one can do this with the wrong attitude of the fool who built bigger barns.)

Chapter 17
Israel gets thirsty again, and tests God, openly doubting if He is with them.  Yahweh provides water from the rock.
Amalek attacks Israel, and God provides for their victory through Moses' raised hands.

How this is about Jesus
Jesus is the rock that followed Israel to give them drink (1 Cor. 10:4).
Jesus quotes this incident to remind Himself not to test God, when tempted by Satan (Matt 4:7; Deut. 8:3).

Sins this reveals
Getting hostile or angry with God or His representatives when things don't go how you want them to go.
Relying on the sword alone, or yourself alone, to fight battles.

Chapter 18
Moses rejoins his father-in-law Jethro, wife and sons.  Jethro advises Moses on managing and judging the people.

How this is about Jesus
He is our great shepherd, and gave undershepherds to rule and judge the smaller cases within the church.

Sins this reveals
This advice is still needed today, in many churches whose leaders are not good administrators, or who need prompting to involve others in decision making.  This can come from pride or apathy.

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