Exodus 21-24

Chapters 21-23
Laws of justice to protect life and property.
Sabbath year rest for land; sabbath day rest for people; annual feasts.
Conquest of Canaan promised; don't worship their gods.
Chapter 24
When God wants Israel's leading representatives to go up the mountain to Him, Moses holds a covenant confirmation service with Israel first.  He reads the law just given, they respond that they agree with it, sacrifices are made and the blood sprinkled on the people.  The elders go up and eat and drink before God.  God invites Moses up further for 40 days to receive the whole law on tablets.

How this is about Jesus
Jesus pays the price for our disobedience.
He is our Sabbath rest.
He is the angel of God who goes before us and gains the victory (wins the inheritance).
He is our only mediator with God, who goes up the mountain and joins us with God.
His blood applied to His people meets the terms of the covenant, when we break those terms.

Sins this reveals
Our tendency to steal, deceive, defraud, enslave, and exploit things and people for our own interest (chapter 21-23).
We are tempted even to worship the Canaanite gods that Yahweh defeats.
Israel says they'll keep God's Law, but before Moses comes down the mountain, they've given up and want another mediator and make the calf to worship.

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