Leviticus 6-7

Having looked at each different kind of sacrifice, we now look at the priest's work and portion.
The ashes from the altar had to be cleaned out, new wood put on and a fire kept going at all times.
They get the unleavened grain offerings from the people, but only the males could eat it.
The priests were to offer a grain offering twice a day, baking and burning the whole thing.
Sin and guilt offerings can be eaten by the priests who do the work of offering them, but if the blood goes into the holy place that animal is burned up completely.
Peace offerings had to be eaten by the third day.  The priest got the right thigh piece.
Meat to be eaten couldn't be if it touched something or someone unclean.
Fat couldn't be eaten but could be used to other things.  Blood not to be eaten.

How this is about Jesus
Jesus our great high priest offering up a sin sacrifice for us (Himself).
He saw this labor and was satisfied (Isaiah 53:10-11).

The priests were pretty well compensated for their work:
Animal skins and meat, grain, etc.

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