Genesis 39-40

Chapter 39
Main idea
Joseph resists Potiphar's wife's advances, though it will leave him open to accusation.  (Giving in would also make him liable, of course.)  God is with Joseph to prosper him anywhere he winds up.

How this is about Jesus
Like Joseph, Jesus was falsely accused and condemned.

Sins this may reveal
Giving in to sexual temptation.  Not hearing both sides of a case when you are prejudiced to one party (Potiphar).

Chapter 40
Main idea
Joseph interprets dreams with God's help, and asks for deliverance.  His interpretations come true, but the cupbearer forgets Joseph.

How this is about Jesus
This is a prophetic office.  Jesus also foretells His own death, but many in Israel forget Him, and the significance of events is lost on them.

Sins this reveals
Neglecting to repay kindness done to you.

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