Let Him Stand for Truth IN the Public Square

This is sad.

Russell Moore, the Southern Baptist voice for ethics, cuts the knees out from Roy Moore, who is one of the few lesser magistrates standing for Biblical truth in the public square against the same-sex juggernaut.

We're laying down and complying just like we did with Roe v. Wade.  Hopefully the judge sticks with it and we start a resurgence in a different direction.

Doug Wilson's got some good thoughts on it here.

The juggernaut has its steam mainly by intimidation: you don't want to be labeled unloving or racist.  You must be malicious against gays.  It couldn't be because we don't want to condone immoral and destructive lifestyles.

We can love gay people without needing to allow them a civil right to marry, just like you love an alcoholic enough not to give him another drink.

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