Exodus 31-33

God appoints men to make the tabernacle thing, with the aid of the Spirit.
Keep the Saabath above all!
God gives Moses the law on stone tablets.
Israel figures Moses is dead and ask Aaron for another mediator/god.
He makes a calf and Israel has a chaotic and immoral feast to it the next day.
God tells Moses about it and plans to destroy them.  Moses intercedes and God relents.
Moses goes down, shows God's displeasure, and puts a stop to it, at the cost of 3000 lives.
The Levites distinguish themselves as faithful, and will serve God.
God sends them on to the Promised Land, but if He goes He will destroy them on the way, they are so stubborn.  Israel mourns at this news.  Moses intercedes again (he has direct access to God in the tent of meeting), and God relents and shows Moses His glory.

How this is about Jesus
God appointed Jesus to tabernacle among us (John 1:14), with the help of the Spirit.
He is our final and remaining Sabbath rest ( Hebrews 4).
He is our mediator who appeals to God for mercy for Israel and is successful.
He is rejected by the people for other leaders who will give them what they want.
He calls some from Israel to Himself and they are appointed to be leaders (disciples).
He is Immanuel, God with us.

  • Interesting that Moses and Joshua are like Paul and Timothy, with a more direct access to God and His revelation.  After they pass there is a time of chaos (Judges in OT, and Corinth in NT).  Then a structure gets set up (priests and Levites in OT, elders and deacons in NT).
  • Be patient for God to work in His time.  Don't take matters into your own hands, or pressure leaders to do what you want.
  • Leaders may not cave to pressure to corrupt worship of God with sensory things not given by God.
  • We must have God with us, or we cannot go on.  Seek His face today.

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