Matthew 22

Main idea
Another parable about how those invited by God to the feast of the Lamb are rejecting it, leads to several hostile questions.  Paying taxes (give Caesar what belongs to him, but to God what belongs to Him).  Resurrection questioned (multiple wives on earth isn't a problem for heaven, since we will be like the angels there).  What is the greatest commandment (love God and neighbor).  After this, Jesus "counter attacks" with a flood of words that goes unanswered.  He starts with identifying the Messiah as David's Lord instead of his son, which hadn't occurred to them, but stares them in the face in Psalm 110.

How this is about Jesus
Jesus is king and prophet, here, applying God's Word to show who He is and that we are rejecting or acknowledging Him.

Sins this may reveal
Arguing with authorities, even God, to get out of obligations.
Trapping people in words to get one over on them.
Mocking revealed truth because we can't understand it fully.

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