Genesis 41-42

Chapter 41
Main idea
Pharaoh dreams, Joseph interprets, Pharaoh appoints Joseph over Egypt, Joseph saves up during good times and sells during hard times.  While this feeds Egypt and the world, it also shows the legitimacy of making a modest profit off of the stupidity or short-sighted-ness of people.  This dream interpretation must have been public, announced to Pharaoh at court, so people could save up themselves for hard times.  Joseph prospered Potiphar, then the jail, and now Pharaoh himself.

How this is about Jesus
Joseph functions as a king, here.  Jesus was also appointed over God's house, and feeds the world bread as the result of His diligent labor.

Sins this reveals
The cupbearer who forgot Joseph.
Lack of planning financially for the future, saving up.
Forgetting God in prosperity (Joseph does not - vs 51-52).
Withholding wisdom from others when they need it (Joseph does not!)

Chapter 42
Main idea
Joseph's brothers come for food.  He tests them and discovers Reuben to be faithful.  So he jails the next oldest and puts the screws to them further to bring Benjamin.  This is grace mixed with poetic justice.  He's giving them their money back, and a chance to repent and do things right this time.

How this is about Jesus
Jesus rules as king as Joseph does, here.  He orders things such that we are convicted of sin and have a chance to set things right.

Sins this reveals
Take care of your brother.
Recognize God's reckoning for your sin, and repent.
Be truthful, even though it hurts.

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