Exodus 7-8

Here is the schedule I'm following to do these.

Chapter 7
Main idea
Aaron's staff turns to a serpent before Pharaoh, but his magicians do the same.
Moses turns the Nile to blood, but Pharaoh's magicians do similar things.  This is the first plague.
Pharaoh is not convinced.

How this is about Jesus
Jesus casts out demons, but the Pharisees don't believe Him because their teachers do the same.

Sins this reveals
Men reject Jesus in spite of the miracles recorded, because they don't want to believe.
Christians can lose heart when people appear happy and satisfied apart from Christ.

Chapter 8
Main idea
God sends frogs, and starts showing the difference between Moses and Pharaoh's magicians.  God makes the frogs go away at His choosing.  He highlights this by giving Pharaoh the choice of time!  In the third plague of gnats, Pharaoh's magicians know this is for real.  In the fourth plague of flies, God directly states the difference.  Pharaoh starts saying yes, but takes it back after each relief.

How this is about Jesus
As Pharaoh cheats Moses, the Sanhedrin unjustly condemns Jesus with false witnesses, leading up to God's redemptive act.

Sins this reveals
We harden our heart and continue in our sin when God brings circumstances on us that convict us of sin.

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