Mark 5

Verses 1-20
Jesus restores a man possessed with many demons, in the pagan Decapolis region, east of the lake of Galilee.  Jesus identifies Himself and His work with the Lord directly (vs. 19).  Often it's more important for us to go tell others what Jesus did for us, than for us to stay with Jesus physically.

Verses 21-43
A synagogue ruler asks Jesus to save his sick daughter's life.  On the way, Jesus stops to figure out (?) who in the crowd was healed by touching Him.  We wonder why He would do this, but He wants that woman to be as valued publicly as the ruler's daughter.  After verse 35, many would be tempted to affirm that Jesus should NOT have stopped to help a less important person.  He rejects this.

Sins this reveals
Not trusting the timing of Jesus.
Giving important people more attention and favor than others.
Despairing that death is the end.
Treating Jesus like He can't overcome major life problems (diseases we have for years, death, etc.).

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