Exodus 39-40

They make robes, ephod, breastplate with twelve gems, hats, turban, and a crown with a plate (39:30), and present them to Moses.  The language is much like the end of Genesis 1, that God saw what was made and approved.  This is a new creation.
Moses himself builds it (!), and God's glory cloud fills it so Moses can't enter it.

How this is about Jesus
Moses was a builder and servant of God's house, but Jesus is the Son of the house.
Jesus is our great high priest, with robes of righteousness that He gives His people to wear.
He erects a new creation people of God.

Sins this reveals
Our sins dirty our robes - Zechariah 3:1-5
Our sins mess up God's building project
We cannot maintain fellowship with a holy and glorious God, without a mediator, because of our sins.

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