Mark 4

Verses 1-20
Jesus tells and explains the parable of the Sower and seeds.  The seed is the word, and it lands in various soil types.  Some receive the word and bear much fruit.  Most do not receive it, or only for a short time.

Verses 21-41
When we bear fruit, it is to be helpful to those around and show them the glory of God.
The Word does this by nature: growing from a tiny bit to be of great use.
They then cross the lake, and a storm puts them in danger of sinking and drowning.  Jesus sleeps, but wakes and commands the wind and sea to stop.  It does!  This fills the disciples with fear.  Jesus is Lord of creation, controlling it as He wants to.

Sins this reveals
Apathy to the Word.
Hearing but not doing the Word.
Not going public with our faith or deeds.
Not pursuing growth in relationship with the Lord.
Being afraid of threatening circumstances, when the Lord is with us.

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