Genesis 36-38

Chapter 36
Main idea
Esau's descendants are recounted.

How this is about Jesus
Jesus has other flocks beyond the line of promise who He may bring in and include in God's people.

Sins this reveals
We easily exclude and despise those removed from the line of promise, as beyond hope of salvation, when they are not.

Chapter 37
Main idea
Jacob favors Joseph.
Joseph has dreams of greatness over his family.
Joseph's brothers almost kill him, but sell him as a slave.  Judah is the main culprit.

How this is about Jesus
Jesus was also appointed to rule over His brothers, but was rejected violently by them.

Sins this reveals
Parents playing favorites.
Envy and hatred among siblings, to the point of desiring to kill or get rid of them.

Chapter 38
Main idea
Judah sins by not providing for his daughter-in-law, not controlling his own lust, and hypocritically seeking to punish her for her lesser sin while ignoring his greater one.  He seems to repent, here, and that is proven genuine in later chapters.

How is this about Jesus
The line of promise will run through Judah, through this fiasco.  These are Jesus' direct descendants, and He can redeem situations like this.

Sins this reveals
Hypocrisy, neglecting the needs of others.  Not repenting of and correcting your sins so that your children wind up copying your sinful patterns (Judah to Onan).

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