Exodus 29-30

Chapter 29
God lays out a seven day ordination ceremony for the priests, with sacrifices of atonement and consecration, some of the blood applied to the priests.  Daily sacrifices include two lambs, one in morning and one in evening, with a bit of flour, oil and wine each time.

How this is about Jesus
He was appointed to the office of high priest, and set Himself apart to it for 40 days in the wilderness.
He was put on the cross at the time of morning sacrifice, and died on the cross and was buried at the time of evening sacrifice of the lambs.
Bread ingredients and wine went with every sacrifice - Lord's Supper hint.
Oil, also - Holy Spirit hint.

Sins this reveals
Anyone who tries to help others spiritually is hurting themselves.  Not that you can't help others, but only Jesus is fully equipped for this.   Galatians 6:1.
We need a mediator to make us right with God.  We can't do this ourselves.

Chapter 30
Instructions for the altar of incense, the temple tax of half a shekel for every adult, the bronze basin for the priests' washing, and a unique anointing oil and incense only for temple use.

How this is about Jesus
Psalm 45 refers to the beauty of the King with all His spices.
Jesus pays the temple tax miraculously for Himself and Peter while in Galilee.
He is the fount where we can be washed clean.

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