Wisdom and Power

Section II: Theology Proper (Study of God)
Chapter 4: Charnock on God's Attributes
Pages 71-75

God is all Wise.  He acts for a right end.  His wisdom is seen in creation, but more so in redemption and ultimately in the Incarnation of Christ.  This made possible His mediation for our salvation.  See Romans 16:27; Colossians 2:3; 1 Timothy 1:17.  Bringing justice and mercy together at the cross in Christ was ultimate wisdom.

Charnock calls creation the footsteps of God's wisdom, but redemption the face of His wisdom.  I understand how important our salvation is, but thought this diminishes the splendors of the created order a bit.  90% of this section is on our redemption, which is a major, but only one, aspect of God's wisdom.

God's Almighty Power
You can't show mercy or justice without power, and God has it.  It is even His name in Mark 14:62 - The Power.  This refers to His strength or ability, not His authority (whether He has the right to use it).
We distinguish between what God CAN do and what He decides to do (Matt 26:53-54).
Power is the ability to act.  Charnock: "His will orders, his wisdom guides, and his power effects" (74).  God's will and holiness limit His power.  If they don't, He would be "an infinite monster" (75).

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