Psalm 90-91

God has always been our dwelling place (not just now, since we have a tabernacle set up).
He returns man to the dust of death, chastens His own, but also satisfies us with His love and establishes our work.
God will protect the one who seeks His shelter.

How this is about Jesus

  • Jesus is our dwelling place, the ultimate temple.
  • By His mercy we are loved and sustained.
  • Jesus trusted God for His protection, instead of giving in to temptation to test whether God would protect Him.

Sins this reveals

  • What C. S. Lewis called chronological snobbery.  Thinking we are the smartest, wisest and most godly generation ever to live.  Instead we need to number our days.  We are not gods who will live forever, but here for a moment and then gone.
  • We try to establish our work ourselves instead of committing our labor to the Lord (Psalm 127).
  • We doubt God's protection and so seek our ways to test Him and protect ourselves.

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