Exodus 4-6

Chapter 4
Main Idea
Moses doesn't want to go.  God gives him signs, but he still resists.
On the way back, God opposes him for not having circumcised his son.
Israel believes him when he first speaks to them.

How this is about Jesus
Jesus also had power to do miracles from God, to authenticate His message.
Jesus was baptized at the start of His ministry, as Moses' son was circumcised here, at the start of his.  For the parallel, see Colossians 2:11-12.

Sins this reveals
Shrinking from the calling God gives us.  Lacking faith that He will equip us for the task.
Failing to apply God's covenant signs to ourselves and our families.

Chapter 5
Main Idea
Moses goes to Pharaoh, who refuses God's command and imposes more work on Israel.  Israel turns against Moses as a result.

How this is about Jesus
Israel turned against Jesus, too, when things got tough, and it looked like political deliverance wasn't coming.

Sins this reveals
Fickleness in faith in God's goodness in hard times.
Taking anger out on leaders who are doing their best.

Chapter 6
Main idea
God affirms He will save Israel.  A list of Israel begins, but stops with Moses and Aaron, sons of Levi.  Moses is still reluctant about this mission from God.

How this is about Jesus
God has re-affirmed and kept His covenant promises to us in Christ.  Jesus is from the tribe of Judah, the tribe chosen to rule (Gen 49:10).

Sins this reveals
Unbelief when circumstances seem to hinder God's plan and promises.

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