1 Timothy 1-3

Timothy, my spiritual son,
Keep at your work of forbidding strange teachings, striving instead for sincere love and pure conscience.
I thank God for saving a chief sinner like me, and the law addresses such in your midst.

Have the church pray for everyone, even kings and all in authority, since Jesus is our Mediator.
Women should dress modestly and be adorned rather with godliness, not seeking to teach the church.
God will preserve them in their own risky childbirths, and save them through the birth of His Son.

Elders and deacons need to have integrity, self-control, and respectability in all areas of life.
This (chapters 2-3) is how you ought to behave in the church - the point is to worship Jesus.

How this is about Jesus
The center of the book, the end of chapter 3, breaks out in praise of Jesus, the purpose of the church.
Timothy has a spiritual father in Paul.  This is how discipleship is meant to go, and it is modeled on the Father/Son relationship as God has revealed Himself to us.

  • Cultivate relationships of mentoring and being mentored in the Christian faith.
  • Stick to the truth revealed in the Bible and don't get distracted.
  • Chapter 2 addresses temptations peculiar to men and women.  Men tend to neglect prayer or be hypocritical in it; women focus on outward adornment to the neglect of inward or try to control things with their words.  /Generally/ speaking...
  • Only put faithful and respected men in leadership.

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