Ezekiel 21-24

21 - a sword is coming, and Ezekiel prophesies the details of Assyria's invasion.

22 - Jerusalem will be a crucible in which God disciplines, purifies and refines Israel for their sins.

23 - Israel and Judah are two sisters, one lewd and the other worse.  They prostituted themselves to Babylon and Assyria using gifts I had given them.  So I will judge them for it.

24 - Jerusalem's siege has begun.  It's like a pot being set to boil with meat in it.
Ezekiel's wife dies and God tells him not to mourn but continue prophesying.  This shows that Israel won't have time to mourn when their precious is destroyed.

How this is about Jesus
He strikes the earth with His mouth (Isaiah 11:4), with sword streaming from it (Rev. 19:15).
The destruction of Jerusalem is only a foretaste of the ultimate judgment at Christ's second coming.

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