Jeremiah 18-20

God sends Jeremiah to watch the potter.  The object lesson is when he starts over making something new with the same clay.  God will do this with Israel and any nation, breaking it down and rebuilding it as He wants.  Israel has unnaturally rejected her God.  Jeremiah is the target of criticism (vs 18) and asks for God to deal with and judge them for it.

God sends Jeremiah to the Hinnom valley, to prophesy the siege and destruction of Jerusalem.  Because they have burned their infants to gods, God will make them eat their children during the siege.  And the dead will even need to be buried in this "sacred" place.

A chief priest arrests, beats and jails Jeremiah.  Jeremiah prophesies the priest will go into exile.
Jeremiah laments his birth and life, having God put him through these things.

How this is about Jesus
Jeremiah is a foreshadowing type of Christ in these chapters, prophesying Jerusalem's disaster, warning people away from their sins, getting arrested and beaten by ruling priests.

18 - God has no special place in his heart for any one nation today.  All are open to His providential demolishing or exalting.
19 - Today we destroy infants to worship heart-idols, too.  What gruesome things are headed our way for it?  Or are some of them already upon us?
20 - The end of this chapter is especially relevant to those prone to depression.  Verses 11-13 need to overcome verses 14-18.

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