1 Timothy 4-6

We know men will love false teaching like requiring celibacy, forbidding certain foods, and other demonic doctrines.  Teach the church about these, training yourself in godliness.
Set a good example so they won't despise your youth.
When you meet, priority goes to Bible reading and teaching.

Correct older church members by encouraging instead of rebuking them.
Let families support their members first, then the church.  Widows supported should be older, or they should remarry.
Pay elders who are teaching or ruling for their living.
Don't be partial to or against elders when assessing them or accusations against them.

Slaves should respect their masters, not be angry or try to take advantage of Christian owners.
Do not tolerate opposition to sound teaching.  Teach contentment instead of constant controversy.
Fight the good fight and keep a good testimony, like Jesus did before Pilate.
Tell the rich to be generous instead of proud.

How this is about Jesus
He is our example of how to stay steadfast when faced with temptation by Satan, or false teaching or despising by Pharisees.
He watches out for His sheep (widows), and for His under-shepherds.

Teachings that God forbids eating certain foods are demonic (4:1-5).
Find ways to honor those older than you, even when they are being dishonorable.
Guard the truth and provide for the needy, more than pursuing your own rights, wealth or winning arguments.

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