Jeremiah 41-44

The assassination rumored comes true.  Then a loyal contingent attacks the assassin and kills him.  They decide to head for Egypt, to avoid Babylon's wrath.  They stay near Bethlehem.

They ask Jeremiah what God thinks they should do, and promise to do whatever he says.
God makes them wait 10 days before answering - an eternity when they know the news is flying Babylon of what happened.
He tells them to stay in the land and not flee to Israel.  He predicts their disobedience, and Babylon's invasion of Egypt to get them.

They claim Jeremiah is lying and not speaking from God, and go to Egypt anyway, taking him and Baruch with them.  God speaks through Jeremiah, that Babylon will come and conquer Egypt.

God speaks through Jeremiah that this disaster has come upon them for their idolatry.
They respond saying they will continue to worship the queen of heaven, and that the disaster happened when they stopped worshiping her.

How this is about Jesus
41 - there is a faint echo of Joseph and Mary's flight to Egypt, when Bethlehem is mentioned.

44 - When we refuse to repent for long enough, even God's people can descend to direct contradiction, argument, and refusal of God's Word.

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