On Elders

Biblical Eldership

I'm studying for a sermon on elders.  I'll probably have a lot more of these in the next few days.

"Many devout, Christian men are not multi-gifted leaders, nor are they well suited to singularly lead a congregation effectively.  But when placed in a leadership body, these same men excel and make important contributions.  (I believe the vast majority of traditional pastors fit into this category.  This is why they are so severely criticized by the congregation and thus move on to another pastorate after five or six years.)  Page 20

With biblical eldership "an exceptionally gifted leader can lead and teach with all his zeal and might, yet he is subject to his fellow leaders and brothers who jointly lead and guide the congregation.  Biblical eldership provides necessary protection from the all-too-common pitfalls of egoism and personality imbalance."  Page 22

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