Jeremiah 11-12, 7-8, 26

Israel will not listen to Me, so I will not listen to them.  Do not even pray for them!
They have conspired together to disobey Me.
They also threaten Jeremiah with death if he continues prophesying these things.

Why do the wicked prosper, Lord?
God: is this all you can take?  Much worse is coming on Israel soon (and you).
I will uproot any nation that disobeys Me, including Israel.

You trusting in the physical temple to save you while you go on unrepentant in your sins.
You even burn your infants as sacrifices to idols.

Judgment is coming and Israel isn't ready for it, nor are they ready to repent.

Jeremiah predicts the destruction of the temple and city, while standing in the temple.  The rulers arrest him and try him under the death sentence.  He sticks to his guns, claiming God told him to speak, and warning they would be spilling innocent blood.  They let him go.  A nobleman Ahikam protects Jeremiah.  Another prophet wasn't so lucky - the king killed him for saying the same things Jeremiah said.

How this is about Jesus
He prophesies at the temple, too, lamenting Israel's coming demise.
He takes cover under no nobleman, but allows His own death.

1. We tend to trust some physical thing as a substitute for our trust in God.  For Israel, that was the temple.  For us it may be something else.
2. God often uses very practical and earthly ways to reform His church.  Luther had Elector Frederick protecting him.  Jeremiah had Ahikam.

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