Hebrews 8-9

We have a better priest than the Levites: Jesus.
Jeremiah said a better covenant would come (Jer. 31:31-34).
This means the old one is passing away, on the way to being obsolete.

The old covenant had temple worship regulations, but didn't perfect us or deal fully with our conscience.
Jesus redeemed us finally, with His own blood.
The first covenant began with death and blood sprinkled on the people; Jesus began the new covenant by dying Himself.  His better blood makes Him a better mediator of a better covenant, entering a better temple in heaven, offering a better sacrifice.

How this is about Jesus
He is the better everything!  His sacrifice satisfies God fully, where the former sacrifices, given by God, were sufficient to help the worshiper know God's forgiveness at the time, but didn't really deal with sin.

8 - Don't look back to the old covenant for the basis of your relationship with God.  The new and better covenant has come, with Christ.
9 - Jesus has done the ritual work to satisfy God's wrath and get us accepted to Him.  We need to look to His blood, His sacrifice, His intercession for us to be saved.

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