Hebrews 11-13

The Old Testament believers did their good works by faith, believing God had something in store for them in the future.  And he does for them, with us!

So endure in your struggle against sin, looking to Jesus who endured the cross.
God is disciplining you, and it's not fun, but for your good.
Strengthen what is weak, so it doesn't go lame, so you don't get bitter and lose the ability to repent.
You've come to a better mountain than Sinai, where Jesus and His Kingdom are.
So don't refuse the Lord and worship Him with reverence, since you're receiving His unshakable Kingdom.

Various instructions on godly living: visiting prisoners, welcoming strangers, purity, contentment, obeying leaders, not believing crazy teaching.
Bear the reproach of Christ, who died in humiliation outside the city, like the sacrifices or scapegoat brought outside.
Timothy has been released and I hope to see you with him soon.
May the God who resurrected Jesus give you everything you need to please Him and do His will.

How this is about Jesus
11 - He is the object of our faith, though that wasn't in clear view for the Old Testament saints.
12 - He is King on Mount Zion, and we gather there with His saints and angels.
13 - He is eternally the same (vs 8), died and bore reproach for us (12-13), and was raised for us (20-21).

11 - Strive for the same faith Old Testament believers had, now that you can see Jesus.
12 - Strive to endure to the end - don't wimp out, since your kingdom inheritance is on the way.  Worship God reverently.
13 - Don't give up your faith when you are intimidated or humiliated for it.  God gives us what we need to please Him.  All these exhortations are not about pulling yourself up by your moral bootstraps, but calls to rely on God's grace and power.

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