Colossians 1-2

Paul thanks God for the Colossians' faith, hope and love.
He names the one who taught them the Gospel first & points to their growth in it for encouragement.
May you please God, who has called you out of darkness, into His light.
We have redemption and forgiveness in Jesus His Son, through Whom God created all things.
I Paul am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I suffer to bring this message to Gentiles

I work hard to make Christ known, for full assurance and wisdom in you.
Don't let anyone lead you away from Him by empty philosophy, or back to Judaism.  He is the fullness of deity.  You don't need circumcision if you are in Christ.  Your debt of guilt is paid.  No ruler or angelic power has anything over you.  No one should judge you about food or drink or feasts or Sabbaths.  You don't have to worship angels or submit to ascetic regulations.  These last don't even help check sinful desires.

How this is about Jesus
Here are some of the strongest and most exalting words about Christ you will find anywhere.
He is the fullness of God in bodily form.
He holds the universe together.  It was all made through Him and FOR Him.

Paul's great burden is to see these new believers hold fast to Christ, and not get stuck with what C.S. Lewis calls "Christianity and..."  He warns them away from false teachers with a list of things the Colossian Christians don't have to do.
This takes wisdom to sift through teaching you hear, and not take up obligations that teachers impose on you, if they aren't found in the Bible.

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