Ezekiel 1-5

God showed Ezekiel the priest visions while he was in Babylon.
He sees a fiery windstorm with 4 living creatures and 4 wheel-in-wheels by each, with a throne above
Jesus: this resembles the vision in Revelation 1 - the voice of God/Jesus is many-waters powerful.
Application: God can go anywhere, even into captivity with exiles.

God calls Ezekiel to prophesy to the stubborn nation of Israel after he eats the book God gives him.
He is a watchman, responsible to warn Israel, to put them on notice for their sins.
Jesus: also called to prophesy to stubborn Israel.
Application: sometimes we need to speak truth to people even though they won't accept it.  We get that truth from God in His revealed Word.

Ezekiel makes a prophetic diarama of Jerusalem's siege.  He lays on his side 430 days, one for each year of Israel and Judah's exile.
Jesus: He not only acts out but takes on ultimately God's exiling punishment of His people.
Application: God keeps Ezekiel from having to eat food cooked with human excrement.  He shields His people from the full judgment their sins deserve.

Ezekiel cuts his hair, burns a third, cuts a third with a sword around the city, throws a third to the wind, and puts a few in his pocket.  This is what God will do to Israel for her abominations.  It'll be gruesome.
Jesus: He predicts similar disaster on Jerusalem.
Application: God has many ways He punishes a people.  We tend to fixate on one thing: political corruption, disease, foreign invasion, economic collapse, etc.

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