Hebrews 1-2

God has spoken to us in the best way ever: His Son who is His very image, who atoned for our sins, who has a throne far above the angels' station

So listen to this message.  If the angels' message (through Moses) was reliable and fearful, how much more the message through Jesus?  His apostles have done signs verifying the message is from God.  Not everything is subjected to Christ yet, but we see Him having atoned for us (not angels).  Jesus is a merciful, sympathetic and faithful high priest.

How this is about Jesus
The writer uses several Old Testament passages to show the angels are not to be worshiped or exalted above God's Son.  The New Testament message is from Jesus, verified through His apostles, and for us whom He died for and is sanctifying.

Don't go seeking spiritual messages and meaning elsewhere than Jesus Christ.
When you put more stock in such things (visions, angels, leadings, etc.), you demean Jesus and the message He gave us through His apostles.

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