Jeremiah 49, 13, 22-24

God declares judgment against the Ammonites, Edomites, Damascus, and other cities.

Judah will be like ruined underwear: meant to cling closely to God, but ruined and unusable.
Israel will go into exile for her lewdness and disobedience, as Jeremiah weeps.

To the king: if you do justice and don't shed innocent blood, then disaster will not come to you.
Dealing with luxuries doesn't make you a king, but doing justice.
The last king was carried off into captivity, and this one will be, too, if you don't change your ways.

God will raise up a righteous Branch/Shepherd/King to lead wisely and save Israel.
The prophets lie: I did not send them to say there would be peace.  They commit adultery, too.
Their word is straw compared to mine which is wheat.  My word is a fire that breaks rocks.

God shows Jeremiah figs good and bad.
The good ones are like Israel sent into captivity, that will return and be planted again in Israel.
The bad ones are like Israel that remains, that will be rotten and useless.

How this is about Jesus
23 - He is the righteousness Branch (netzer in Hebrew from which we get the word Nazareth).

There is a lot of rebuke and condemnation in Jeremiah, but God does not neglect to provide the solution, too, in chapter 23!

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