Jeremiah 35-36

God shows Jeremiah how the Rechabite clan are obeying their father's command to abstain from wine to remember their pilgrim status.  Jeremiah is to make this an object lesson for Israel: the Rechabites will obey their father, but Israel won't obey God.

God has Jeremiah write the prophecies thus far down in a scroll.  Baruch, Jeremiah's secretary, takes and reads it in the temple.  Some of the nobles take him aside and have him read it to them.  They take it, tell them to hide, and bring it to king Jehoiakim.  He cuts and burns it piece by piece as they read it to him.  The nobility present only mildly object and he ignores them.  God has Jeremiah write another scroll and rebuke the king directly, predicting the end of his children and line.

Disregarding God's Word brings serious consequences, even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment of sinning.

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