Hebrews 5-6

God made Jesus a high priest for us, as Psalms 2 and 110 show.
He was perfected by suffering, and so could save us.
You should know this already, but you are babes, not mature in discernment.

If you bring forth thorns and thistles then you are bound for destruction, not glory.
If you taste salvation in Christ, but shrug it off, you won't be saved.
We trust this doesn't describe you.  Be assured of your hope - salvation in Christ.
God swore by Himself to give us this sure hope.
We have it, since Jesus went into the holy of holies and became our priest.

How this is about Jesus
Jesus is our high priest and our hope, who atoned for us in the temple for God.

If we leave Christ, we will not be saved.  This really happens.  Don't take comfort in a past commitment to Christ, to excuse present unfaithfulness.

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