Do you put people on pause? // Machen for $1 // The Sued Florist Speaks

Practice uninterrupted conversation!
"I had a friend with a cell phone, and in the middle of a conversation, he put his hand in my face and said, ‘Just hold on for a second, I need to take this call.’ ” My student said to me, “It made me feel like he was putting me on pause, like I was a tape recorder.”.... 
"We think nothing of putting each other on pause…. 
"We are doing something that hardens us, so there's been a drop in our capacity for empathy. We have gotten used to living that way. It turns us into people who are less sensitive to others."

J. Gresham Machen's classic "Christianity and Liberalism" is on sale for kindle for $1.

Barronelle Stutzman explains reasonably why she had to refuse to provide flowers for a friend's homosexual wedding.  May her appeal preserve religious freedom in our land and courts.

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