Jeremiah 39, 52, 40

It finally happens!  Babylon takes Jerusalem, breaks down its walls, captures Zedekiah, kills his sons in front of him, and puts out his eyes.
Jeremiah is treated well.

Retells the taking of Jerusalem.  The temple is burned and broken down, the gold, silver and bronze carried off as plunder.  Chief priests and rulers are gathered and executed.  4600 people go into exile at three different points, over 16 years.  30 years after the first wave of exiles, the king of Judah Jehoiachin is let out of prison in Babylon to eat at the king's table.

He can go to Babylon or stay in Jerusalem - his choice.  They make Gedaliah the governor and he tells the people to gather the wine and fruit harvest.  There's a rumor he will be assassinated, but he refuses to believe it.

How this is about Jesus
The conquest of Jerusalem He foretells also really happens.
His ancestor Jehoiachin is released - the line of David preserved.

Don't think you will avoid the consequences of disobeying God.
Sometimes when you stand up for what is right, you are rewarded after the dust settles.

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