1 Samuel 1-3

Life is a mess.  Hannah is a second wife with no children while her rival wife provokes her about it.  Her husband is small comfort.  At temple they face incompetent (1:12-14) and wicked (2:12-17) priests.  But God answers her prayer for a son, Samuel is born, and Hannah gives him to God at the temple.  She thanks God, in faith, for lifting up the poor and bringing down His enemies.  This is faith because it hasn't happened yet.  Samuel is serving faithfully while Eli's sons abuse the people and disobey the law (2:22).  Eli rebukes his sons but doesn't stop them.  God rebukes him for it: his house will fall and God will raise up a faithful priest.

God calls Samuel at night while still a boy.  Samuel thinks it's Eli, who sends him back to bed twice before he gets that it's God.  God tells Samuel the same thing he told Eli.  Samuel has to tell it to Eli!

How this is about Jesus
  • He is ordained from before His birth to fix our mess.
  • His mother is faithful.
  • He had to interact with wicked and inept religious leaders.
  • God rejected Caiaphas, Annas, the Sadducees and Pharisees, and gave His Word instead to His Son.

  • When life is a mess, trust God to save you, and work and give for Him
  • Thank God for His present and future salvation, even when you see wickedness right in front of you.
  • When you correct your children verbally, actually stop them from sinning, too.
  • Listen when God speaks in His Word.  Be not slow of hearing.
  • Sometimes we have to speak hard words to each other.

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