Judges 7-8

God shaves Gideon's 32,000 assembled army down to 300, so He alone gets the glory for the victory.
God gives Gideon another sign assuring Him of victory - the Midianite's dream (think Jacob's ladder, or Joseph's dreams).
In pursuit, fellow Israelites don't help Gideon, afraid he may yet lose.  Gideon punishes them when he returns victorious.
Gideon refuses to set up a dynastic rule by his house over Israel, but takes gold from the Midianite plunder and makes an idol that Israel worships!  You can get the Cananites out of Israel militarily, but it's harder to get Canaanite idolatry out of Israel spiritually.

How this is about Jesus
He also fought a major battle with a very small force (Himself!), winning an unexpected victory.
He received signs and help from God before and during His fights (Matt. 4:11; Luke 22:43).
He will execute kings who resist Him, as Gideon did Oreb and Zeeb (Psalm 110:6).
He got resistance from His own people as He fought for them.
He did NOT give in to idolatry as Gideon did (Matt. 4:10).

Our first response to God's promises and assurances is worship.  Then it's hard work.  (Vss. 15-18)
Success can be dangerous.  It brings more temptations.
Success in outward things (wealth, political freedom, military might) doesn't guarantee faithfulness to God.

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