Judges 19-21

Post-script story #2
A wandering Levite has a mistress from Bethlehem who abandons him.  He gets her back, but her father pressures him to stay, day after day.  Finally they leave late in the day, so they only get as far as Jerusalem.  The Levite won't stop there, since Canaanites occupy it.  They go on to Gibeah in Benjamite territory, but no one takes them in.  Finally, an old man does, but the men of the city want to rape the Levite.  The Levite gives them his mistress and they abuse her all night - she is unresponsive in the morning - dead?  The man cuts her up and sends a limb to each tribe of Israel, calling for justice.

Israel gathers and sends to bring the men of Gibeah to justice.  Benjamin defends them and fights Israel!  God tells Judah to lead the fight.  Israel loses two days in a row, but continue seeking and following God's counsel.  They win the next day, wiping out all but about 600 men of Benjamin.

Now there's a new problem - how to continue the tribe of Benjamin at all.  Israel swore when they gathered not to give their wives to Benjamin.  But no one from Jabesh Gilead was there.  So Israel kills all but the 400 virgin women of Jabesh Gilead and gives them to Benjamin.  They are still 200 short, so they allow Benjamin's bachelors to kidnap any daughters who go to a feast at Shiloh.

How this is about Jesus
Joseph and Mary also got no hospitality, very near here, when Jesus was born.
He provides for our life and lineage in his death, like Benjamin was provided for.
His death came amidst great brutality and gratuitous violence, just like in this chapter (John 19:1-3).
His death brings perfect justice, not the rough justice we see here.

In trying to fix one problem, we often create several more problems.
Two wrongs don't make a right.  The end does not justify the means.

Last verse of Judges:
"In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes."

No kidding.

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