Luke 4

Jesus fasts for 40 days in the wilderness, and Satan tempts Him to take for Himself instead of relying on God.  He resists temptation with Scripture each time.

He begins teaching through Galilee.  At Nazareth He quotes Isaiah 61 and says it is fulfilled in Him.  They like this until He rebukes their presumptuous spirit ("hometown boy's gonna do us some miracles!") with Scriptural examples of God going to Gentiles instead of to Israel.

In Capernaum, demons shout at Him but He rebukes and exorcises them, and heals people, including Peter's mother-in-law (Peter was married!).  He goes to all the cities, doesn't just stay in the popular places like Capernaum.

  • Some outward practices like fasting can be helpful to remind us we depend on God more than food - Jesus did this.
  • Know your Bible (mind) and love it (have it in your heart) so that when you are tempted, it comes to you.
  • Familiarity breeds contempt.  When the hometown boy claims to be the Messiah, they just take pride in that He's one of their own.  Watch for God to teach you through those you tend to look down upon: your children, employees, students, etc.
  • Don't seek popularity, but to actually help people (vs. 43).

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