1 Samuel 7-9

Samuel leads Israel to national repentance and the Philistines attack.  God helps and Samuel sets up an Ebenezer stone for a memorial.

Samuel's sons are wicked and take bribes.  Israel asks for a king like other nations.  Samuel is upset, but God says to listen to them (God does not rebuke Samuel for his disobedient sons, like he did Eli.).  Samuel warns Israel that a king will take the best of their stuff and people for himself, but they want a king, mainly to fight their battles.

Saul is sent to find his father's donkey, and winds up asking Samuel.  But God has sent Saul to Samuel for anointing as king.  Samuel favors Saul publicly, but does not anoint him publicly, yet.

How this is about Jesus
He sets up Baptism and Communion as memorials for us to remember God's acts to save us.
He was God's prophet rejected for worldly kings ("we have no king but Caesar" - John 19).
He was of obscure origin and began His ministry with little noticeable fanfare.

  • Trust in God's ways, not the world's ways of realpolitik.
  • Sometimes parents are to blame for disobedient children (Eli) and other times they are not (Samuel?).
  • Be on the lookout for God's providence.  Your agenda for some event may not be God's.  Saul looking for a donkey was God sending him to Samuel.  So be ready to drop your agenda when you see God at work.

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