Deuteronomy 23-25

Those excluded from worship: those with defective genitalia, illegitimately born, Ammonites and Moabites.  Bury your body waste outside the camp.  Runaway slaves can stay free if they come to you; do not return them.  No prostitutes or perverts.  Don't charge interest to fellow Israelites.  Don't  delay to pay vows.  Feel free to hand pick and eat when you pass through a neighbor's field, but don't use a tool.

Respect your neighbor's stuff, whether his wife, equipment, family, borrowed stuff, wages owed, legal rights, and needs of the poor.

Limit legal punishment and carry it out in front of the judge who decides it.  A brother should marry his brother's wife if they have not had children, to provide descendants for his brother.  If he won't, shame him.  Don't fight dirty.  Don't cheat.  Destroy Amalek once you are settled in Canaan.

How this is about Jesus
He hand picks and eats on the Sabbath - not forbidden!
He clarifies that a man can't divorce his wife for just any reason.
By His sacrifice, He brings about fruit in Israel/Church, where His elder brothers (prior rulers and shepherds) were fruitless due to faithlessness.

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