Luke 20

The temple leaders challenge Jesus' right to cleanse the temple.  He challenges their rejection of John the Baptizer.  (This indirectly asserts His authority straight from God to challenge them.)  He tells a parable to the effect that God will come and destroy them and give His promises and blessings to others, for their murdering of His Son.

The leaders try to take Him down by debate, since the people love Him and they can't arrest Him outright.
  • Should we pay taxes?  (The people will hate Him for saying yes, they can arrest Him for saying no.)  "Give the state what is rightly the state's, and give God what is rightly His."
  • How can the resurrection be real when there are multiple marriages in this life?  "You don't marry in the resurrection; He is the God of Abraham, who lives before God now."
  • Jesus goes on offense: "David calls the Christ his Lord in Psalm 110:1, not his son.  It looks like the Messiah will be greater than David.  Hm..."
  • Watch out for the scribes who lust after honor and wealth.

  • Jesus doesn't really give answers when challenged to prove His authority.  We have the answer in His miracles and resurrection and the record of His apostles.
  • We owe the state taxes (Romans 13:6-7); we owe God all our lives (Romans 12:1).
  • Jesus is the greatest man you can imagine.  If you don't let Him rule you and try to rule yourself, you are in for big trouble.

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