Deuteronomy 32-34

Moses composes a song telling Israel's story so far.  God saved Israel but they went after other gods.  God was jealous and takes vengeance... on Israel's adversaries (not on Israel!).  The same day Moses delivers this song to Israel, God sends him up Mt. Nebo to die.

Moses blesses each tribe of Israel, and the nation, as a whole.  God has saved them and will avenge them.  God shows Moses the land of Canaan, and he dies.  Joshua succeeds him but no prophet has come like Moses, since then.

How this is about Jesus
  • He tells parables that tell Israel's story, too.
  • He will take vengeance on the enemies of His people (2 Thess 1:8-10).
  • He blesses the apostles as He ascends to heaven, as Moses blessed the tribes before ascending the mountain (Luke 24:50-51).
  • He is the prophet greater than Moses, of whom Moses spoke - Deut 18:15; Heb 3:3)

Accept God's story of your life: you are a rebel He is saving.

You will die before you attain all you seek here on earth.  Live by faith.

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